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Digital X-Rays
Computerized Digital Radiographs: these new x-rays require only one-half to one-third of the radiation that the old “films” required. They are displayed for the patient in seconds on a large flat panel monitor that enables the Doctor and patient to talk, learn, and diagnose together. Suddenly, terms like bone loss, incipient lesions, restorations, and pulp chambers have meanings to the patients for the first time. You will learn more about your teeth in one visit than you have in your entire life.


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Q: Why is less radiation necessary with these x-rays?

A: They are taken by a digital sensor that is much more sensitive to radiation than the old films. This means that the same image can be taken with less radiation. Also, because the images are managed by computer software, we can actually enhance the films and draw out details that could not be seen in older films. We have a “Photoshop type” of software for x-rays. We can greatly enhance questionable details

Q: Does this mean that I can have a printout of my x-rays?

A: Yes, and it only takes seconds.We can also send printouts to consulting specialists and to insurance companies.

Q: Are digital x-rays more expensive than older films?

A: No, they are actually more efficient and require less time to develop so there is more time available for the patient’s other needs.