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Tooth colored fillings are the latest trend in dentistry. They can take years of discoloration off of your smile and chemically bond to tooth structure.These materials just keep getting better as time goes on. They will eventually totally replace silver “amalgam” fillings.

White fillings have several advantages over silver fillings, but silver fillings still have some indications as well. In very young patients , where permanent molars are being filled for the first time, I recommend white fillings because they are strong, they do not stain the teeth, and they chemically bond to and strengthen the tooth.

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Q: When is silver better?

A: I prefer silver in the back teeth of patients who have very deep decay and sugar consumption habits like lots of coffee and lots of soda.Silver actually corrodes shut and provides a superior seal. It also seems to work well in very deep decay since it seals well between back teeth. I have experienced patients with less sensitivity in deeply filled teeth with silver fillings.

Q: What would you recommend for my child?

A: Silver fillings for baby molars(Which will need to last only to about age 11 or 12) and white plastic fillings for permanent adult molars. Remember, today’s children could live to be 100, no material will last that long, but white fillings will cause less damage.