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Standard “silver amalgam” fillings are still an approved procedure endorsed by the American Dental Association. They are great in very deep cavities because they provide superior sealability. They actually corrode shut over time.They are recommended restorations on the back teeth of problem brushers and infrequent flossers. They still have a very uselful set of properties and are a valid consideration in many instances.

As smaller silver fillings start to darken, crack and erode, it is a good time to replace them with white fillings. Remember, every time a filling is removed and replaced, a little more tooth structure is removed with it and the tooth’s nerve is subjected to additional trauma.

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Q: Are silver fillings safe, I have read that they contain mercury?

A: Silver fillings are extremely safe. The mercury that is used is part of a compound called amalgam. This is a mixture of silver, gold, copper, tin, and mercury. Only when it is freshly mixed, is it packed into the specially shaped cavity and carved to a special functional shape. When it hardens, it is a compound from that point on.

Q:What about when an old silver filling is  removed with a drill, can I be exposed to mercury then?

A: No, the process is simply grinding out and washing away old compound, the mercury cannot and does not separate.