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Root Canal Therapy: The removal of the internal nervous system of an individual tooth is now easier than ever. It usually can be completed in one visit. We utilize special computer calibrated handpieces that make the process not only more comfortable, but also much more thorough and less time consuming.

Antibiotics alone will not cure an infected root canal. The nerve of the tooth is living blood vessels. When they start to deteriorate due to decay or trauma, they become non-living. This mass of necrotic once living material is now trapped inside the tooth and will continue to percolate until it is removed and the actual canal in which the nerve lived is rendered sterile. Antibiotics only suppress the infection for a short time period.

Once a tooth has received a root canal filling, a special supporting post is placed inside the tooth to strengthen it and a strong plastic buildup is placed over the post and into the tooth to further re-enforce the tooth. A crown is usually recommended as the final step to provide the tooth with an expected life time of many years.

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Q: Are root canals painful?

A: Actually, there are a lot of misconceptions about root canals. Usually , they are not painful. The problem is that frequently, people that need root canals are in so much pain from a toothache, that the cure is confused with the problem. We frequently prescribe antibiotics prior to performing root canals in order to obtain a window of calmness, reducing the toothache, and allowing the actual treatment to be performed effectively.

Q: Will my tooth need further treatment after the root canal?

A: When a root canal is performed, the blood supply to the tooth is removed, this means the tooth will no longer receive the necessary supplies to repair itself. It is advisable to place a post in the root canal and a strong buildup around the post to serve as a core. This core can be shaped and covered with a crown which prevents further damage and breakage.