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Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are special ceramic jackets that are cemented or bonded onto the facial surface of front teeth.They are secured with adhesive materials that are the strongest used in dentistry. In some instances these “contact lens-thin restorations”can be completed without injections and little or no “drilling”.

While veneers can be removed, it is unusual to place them without permanently changing the underlying tooth. Removing the veneer would not restore the tooth to the exact pre-treatment condition. Veneers are intended to be permanent and non-reversible.

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Q: Can a veneer be placed without any anesthetic or without any drilling on my teeth?

A: While it is possible, it is extremely rare and unlikely. Almost all veneers require some drilling and consequently, can be performed most comfortably with anesthetic.

Q: Are veneers stronger than crowns?

A: It is debatable. Crowns with gold substructures can actually break apart with the ceramic porcelain coming off of the gold. While this is very rare, it is possible. Veneers actually are contact lens thin ceramic coatings which are actually chemically bound to the tooth structure with the strongest possible adhesives. They too can crack or separate, but failure is rare with these as well. In both instances, the quality of the materials is outstanding and stronger than keeping a large filling in the tooth.