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Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures can have strong metal bases for strong chewers, and light weight vinyl tissue colored bases for areas of cosmetic concern. These bases anchor and contain the natural appearing plastic teeth into the spaces from which teeth have been lost. Partial dentures must be removed and brushed twice daily along with the remaining natural teeth.

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Q: I know that I need some teeth replaced, but I’m not sure of my long term goals, how can a removable partial denture help me?

A: It can fill in all the missing teeth on one arch for one price regardless of the number of teeth. This is a good starting point to move forward with implants or bridges over a number of years. The removable partial will keep all the remaining teeth from moving and shifting while providing the ability to chew and function for years.

Q: Can partial dentures be placed like immediate complete dentures the same day as extractions?

A: Yes they can, and they will immediately fill in the spaces of extracted teeth. This is especially effective for replacing front teeth where cosmetic appeal is apparent.