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Since every patient is influenced by their past dental experiences and their current needs and expectations, every one will require a different amount of preoperative sedation.

We usually utilize a very simple, safe drug called valium. It is extremely important to have a driver and to let the dentist know about any other prescription drugs you may be taking.

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Cosmetic Smile Enhancement
Not every patient that desires whiter more shapely teeth require veneers. In fact, many patients can have their goals achieved by using a simple professional tooth whitening, and a moderate cosmetic re-contouring, requiring no injections. Teeth Whitening
Professional Home Bleaching Systems: These systems are custom fabricated to fit the patient’s mouth and made right here in our office. Your teeth can get several shades whiter in virtually a matter of weeks. Cosmetic Re-contouring
Cosmetic re-contouring of the natural teeth. This painless procedure has helped countless patients achieve the “LOOK” they desire. Accomplished without injections, this procedure can soften appearances, provide for a more masculine or more feminine appeal, or just get rid of the countless small chips and edges that typify most adult smiles. NOTHING is added to the teeth, so nothing can come off. When combined with our Professional Home Bleaching Systems, your smile can look like you’ve always wanted it to without a single injection.

Powerprox Six Month Braces

      Typical before and after result with
    6-month adult braces.

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Unique Treatment

Headache Treatment
NTI-tss- F.D.A. approved tension suppression system for treatment of migraine headaches and dental parafunction. This in office fabricated snap on device can change lives. It can significantly reduce head pain, grinding or bruxing, and clenching. Some patients have called it a “miracle”. Custom Dentures
Complete dentures replace an entire set of upper or lower teeth in one complete piece per arch. They are custom fabricated and designed to fit the lifestyle and personality of individual patients. The fitting of complete dentures is a true blend of art, science and experience. Some cases are infinitely more complex than others. Some individuals possess greater bone loss than others and can greatly benefit from ridge augmentation or “buildup” or from the placement of implants into the jaw bone to assist in anchoring the denture to snap
into place.