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Dental Implants: are used to assist in replacing from one tooth up to an entire dental arch of missing teeth. These hollow canisters are placed into precisely machined channels created in the bone with extremely accurate placement technique. Once they are placed in the bone, they are covered over with the natural intraoral tissues and allowed to heal as bone grows through them incorporating them into the jawbone over a period of months. After they have healed for three to six months, they are uncovered and able to receive a threaded screw-like insert (called an abutment) that mimics a crown prepared tooth in size . These newly placed abutments are amazingly strong and can then serve to anchor crowns, bridges, or snap-on dentures. Patients swear by them.

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Q: What are the most common indications for implant placement?

A: People want to look natural and do not want to remove a denture to clean it. Once restorations are placed on implants, they stay in place and are cared for like normal teeth. Another indication is for individuals that can no longer tolerate dentures due to bone loss. Implants can serve as anchors for snap on dentures that do not move. Another indication is for single tooth replacement when all other teeth are in non-restored conditions. No other teeth need to be adhered to, pristine teeth remain pristine.