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Immediate dentures
Teeth can now be extracted the same day that new dentures are placed. The result is a faster healing time, less swelling, an instant new smile,confidence, and no need to go without teeth for even a single day.

Placing immediate dentures actually reduces swelling and pain by acting like a bandage for the surgical area. Patients are seen the day after the surgery for adjustments and follow up with remarkable results. There is usually much less pain with this procedure when compared to waiting for extraction sites to heal for months.

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Q: I know that I need dentures, but I do not want to wait for my extraction sites to heal and go without teeth for several months. How can you help me?

A: Immediate dentures can be fabricated before your extractions and placed the same day that teeth are removed.

Q: How can any body know what my mouth would be like after the extractions?

A: Impressions, or imprints are taken of your mouth with your teeth still in place. These impressions are filled with plaster and a replica of your mouth is created. Then the teeth are removed from the replicas and your dentures will be made to fit that shape. Once they are made, they are sterilized and returned to our office and placed in your mouth as soon as the teeth are removed.