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Oral surgery: From single tooth extractions to full mouth extractions we offer multiple choices combined with immediate (same day as extractions) dentures. With immediate dentures, the patient is never without a smile or the ability to eat, for even a single day.

Wisdom teeth evaluation is best accomplished with a panoramic x-ray, that shows the position of all your teeth on one large extra oral film. While some teeth may require extraction, others may actually erupt all the way into function. The dental diagnosis will help you understand which ones can stay and which ones need to be removed. Since erupting wisdom teeth can place pressure on your other teeth and cause shifting, getting an evaluation early in your symptoms is advised.

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Q: I am terrified, I know I need multiple extractions, how can you help me?

A: Not all teeth that appear damaged require extraction, many can be saved with root canal procedures. However, many teeth do require removal and apprehension is a very concerning issue. We sometimes utilize valium as a calming agent for extraction in apprehensive patients. It usually requires a designated driver but is very effective in helping patients that need that little extra bit of help. Many patients start with valium and eventually progress to trusting us once they have had several successful dental experiences.