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Emergency Dental Care

We understand how difficult and inconvenient dental emergencies can become. That’s why we are especially concerned about the opportunity to help you achieve comfort and relief when pain sidetracks your busy day. Call our office at your earliest convenience in the morning and request a special emergency visit that day. Obviously, the earlier in the day we receive your request, the greater the opportunity for us to arrange our schedule to accommodate your needs. WE CAN NOT ALWAYS ACCOMMODATE REQUESTS THAT OCCUR IN THE LAST TWO HOURS OF OUR WORK DAY. While we can’t always treat every problem to a permanent complete solution when we first see you, we are glad to diagnose the problem, provide antibiotics, provide short term pain relief, and address embarrassing individual tooth cosmetic concerns. In most instances, we will relieve pain and infection, and re-appoint you to definitively treat the problem to completion on another day.






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Q: My face is swelled from my tooth that is aching, how can you help me?

A: We usually provide an x-ray exam, antibiotic, and pain medicine prescription.

Q: Will you extract my tooth when you see me?

A: Every case is different. Depending on the degree of infection, bone loss, and importance of the involved tooth, the choices will become more clear at the visit. Usually a root canal treatment can save most teeth which have have not lost excessive bone support and extractions can be avoided.

Q: Is it safe to extract every type of tooth with infection or to start a root canal treatment?

A: It all depends on the patient’s health in general and how involved the infection is. Some instances require a few days for swelling to subside with antibiotics before safely extracting teeth or starting a root canal treatment.