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Our Intraoral digital camera (the size of a large pen) now instantly photographs your problem areas and makes them easier to understand and view. With our “zoom” intra-oral camera system, your pictures can be enlarged and viewed on the flat screen monitor and used to document problems for insurances or accident cases.

digital camera

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Q: How can a picture of my tooth be a more convincing document for insurance than an x-ray?

A: When we document for insurance approval, not all x-rays show the actual degree of tooth breakdown that an enlarged intraoral photo will show. Photos show cracks, pits, deterioration of old fillings, and the actual size of the amount of compromised tooth structure. An x-ray will only show a two dimensional representation of a tooth’s problem.

Q: What is the fee for using the camera?

A: We provide it for free. It also shows before and after photos , so if you are having doubts about what to do, you can compare before and after photos in your own mouth and put your mind at ease.