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Bridgework is a strong and time proven method of replacing missing teeth permanently by creating a string of two or more single crowns surrounding the replacement tooth or teeth. The entire string in cemented onto the anchor teeth on either side of the space where teeth are missing, and the illusion of permanent teeth filling the space is created. Bridges are cemented into place, they are not removed to be brushed.

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Q: Do all bridges require crowning the end teeth?

A: No, depending on the bite, some bridges can be bonded into place with adhesive on the tongue side of the teeth. These are called Maryland Bridges.

Q: Are bridges hard to clean under?

A: No. We supply you with bridge-aids, which are special floss holders for cleaning under bridgework.

Q: Can I use a water pik instead of flossing my bridge?

A: You can use a water pik effectively to clean bridges, however, floss will invigorate the gums more thoroughly than a water pik.