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We are here to serve your dental needs. Every patient is unique in terms of their needs, expectations, financial abilities, and comfort levels. We encourage you to read our very own patient testimonials. They are real people, who are satisfied and are glad to share their personal dental stories with you.

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Many new patients are both embarrassed and apprehensive, and we are here to help you look better and feel better about your dental conditions. Our goal is to ease any possible fears that may exist. We sometimes utilize valium (a small pill) to relax anxious patients and to help them gain trust and confidence in our ability to treat their dental problems.



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Dr. Al Flasko

After 31 years of practice, I still love getting up every day with the opportunity to change someone's life in a way that they never realized was possible. Fear and procrastination overwhelm many patients, and I believe that they are the very ones that I was created to help. While I have worked diligently for over 3 decades to broaden and diversify my skills, I remain convinced that the single, most valuable service that any dentist can provide is the ability to listen to what their patients are saying
to them.